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Equimax Horse Dewormer

Equimax Horse Dewormer


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The recent increase in parasite resistance to commonly used deworming products has left the equine community concerned and in search of ways to slow down, if not reverse, the alarming trend. As parasites can pose a very serious threat to a horse’s health, including fatal situations, it is apparent that the commonly accepted approach to parasite control should be reconsidered. For example, the so called dewormer “rotation” is no longer an acceptable practice.

Strongyles, roundworms, bots, pinworms, and tapeworms are some of the parasites that veterinarians and horse owners deal with. Some of these can be identified easily, others not so much. That is why every treatment should start with analyzing fecal samples. The test is relatively inexpensive, and can provide a solid basis for choosing the right product that will ensure an effective deworming treatment. Every horse from the herd should be tested, but if the group is very large, then a proportionate test group may be used to gather samples from. The fecal test should be done once a year or at least every other year.