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NRS Tack 1-1/8in Double Leather Noseband With Latigo Hanger

NRS Tack 1-1/8in Double Leather Noseband With Latigo Hanger


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The NRS Tack 1-1/8in Double Leather Noseband With Latigo Hanger is one of the least sever noseband tiedowns.Doubled leather around the nose piece adds body and structure. Latigo hanger is less bulky underneath the bridle.

A roper’s noseband tie-down selection is as critical as his bit when communicating with the horse. The noseband and tie-down strap are not intended to restrict movement but to help the horse balance back on his haunches to rate and handle steers more efficiently. When a horse is traveling on his front end and leaning on the noseband, the horse is unable to make adjustments in balance or stride, and the bit feels ineffective. Having the proper noseband will help the horse move more collected. The pressure from the noseband with the correct tie-down length will assist the rider and help move the horse’s center of gravity towards his back end. Just as there are different bits to fit each horse’s needs and situations, there are different nosebands with varying severities. Same as a more severe bit, when a horse leans onto a more severe noseband, the pressure is uncomfortable on the horse and he is more apt to give to the pressure.

NRS has developed a series of nosebands that vary from mild to severe (1-6). The basic principle is the same as with bits. The wider and smoother the surface that is placed against the horse, the less severe the pressure. The rougher, stiffer and skinnier the noseband, the more pressure it places on your horse. The more severe nosebands (4-6) should not be used all the time. They should be used to sensitize and tune-up your horse and then go back to a noseband in the 1-3 range. This will keep your horse sharp. If you are having trouble communicating with your horse, try changing nosebands before changing your bit, and notice the difference.

The NRS Tack 1-1/8" Noseband With Harness Hanger is considered a 1. 

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